JRP-Productions is a team of highly accomplished professionals with years of experience in Media, Film and print industry. All members of our team had done award winning program ,event , documentary films & Serials . We had headed senior editorial, creative and management positions in leading national news channels and Film Industry. We understand the importance of grabbing your audience’s attention and translating your vision to it. JRP-Productions excels in making the best use of platforms like TV, print, social media and special events to engage your audience. In our one year of operations, we have provided completely stress free experience to our client by taking care of every step from ideation to execution.

We bid your project keeping in mind your budget limitations and our long term relation with your esteem organization and will insure your production experience is professional and enjoyable. We have coordinated the projects upwards of half a million



  • Documentary Films and Ads
  • Communication Consultancy
  • Broadcast Solutions
  • Corporate Films & Ads 
  • Social Media Management
  • Event Management


Documentary Films and Ads

JRP- Productions policy of “Delivering Commitments” is our core strength in handling projects of different nature and providing a wide range of services to both in Local and National level. Through our relationships with supplier and independent contractors throughout the region, we acts as a Line producer providing production services, handling the entire logistics including scouting, budgeting, scheduling, accounts and production support. We take care of everything & anything related to Film/TV production :

– Location Scouting & Recce.

– Crew Hiring / Referrals

– Government & Private Permissions / Clearances for shooting in Local & national region

– Assistance with Visas for cast / crew

– Contracts between local personnel  & companies

– Co-ordinate Hotel, Air & Transport

– Organising casting and post auditions online

– Hire Facilities & Equipment according to production requirements.

– Providing props as per the demand of the script.


Communication Consultancy

Based on your specific communication requirements, our team of researchers collects and analysis data related to your product/brand. This data forms the basis of communication strategy we develop for you. We advise you on various aspects of brand/product projection and also provide communication solutions which have high recall value and constant visibility .


Broadcast Solutions

In JRP Production, Content is the core of our ideology. News stories, features and documentary films form the basis of our business. Decades of working with mainstream news media has equipped our team with an understanding of news and current affairs and compelling story-telling skills that help us come up with relevant and meaningful content that makes your brand/product look sharp. Our team members have won several awards for programming in the fields of health, agriculture and education.

Corporate solutions

In JRP, we take your ideas and brand philosophy directly to your audience through powerful creative, videos and corporate films. Our media background helps you understand what will grab maximum eyeballs. Based on your requirement, we can provide slick videos that are supported by sound research and lively graphics.

Social Media Management

In recent times, social media has emerged as one of the most powerful tools of communication. Most of people use this platform according to their  convince. In a connected world, presence on the worldwide web has become an imperative. We help you leverage the power of social media by updating your website, spiking your presence on twitter ,facebook and you tube. We ensure your brand/product’s presence in the virtual world is always vibrant.


Event solutions

An event is the best opportunity for any organization to put its best foot forward and showcase the best it has to offer. At JRP Productions , we help you mount an impressive show, one that will be talked about for a long time. We provide, editorial and technical support from, right stage of planning up to the closing of entire show . Whether it is handling technical details like multi-camera setup or editorial inputs like designing the flow of the event and writing script for the ceremony’s host.



  • Corporate films
  • Tv Spot ad.
  • Demo videos





  • Core team of ten people drawn from broadcast industry, print media, event management companies and marketing background
  • Consultants in all major state capitals
  • Retainers at strategic locations



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