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हिमाचल पुलिस “Dog Squad”- पहले “डोरा’ और अब “जुली” की दयनीय मौत से पशु पालन विभाग की कार्यप्रणाली पर उठे सवाल..!

Apple News, Shimla


Director Animal Husbandry.
I have my grievances towards the casual and irresponsible behaviour of the veterinary department, staff doctor’s.
My healthy dog who could have lived for another few years with us has died due to the negligence of casual approach of the doctors .I had already told that Julie was a special dog and served Himachal pradesh Police Dog squad.
We had bitter experiences earlier and this time too my pet baby is ignored for the main treatment which was the surgical procedure and wouldn’t have been delayed, but the surgeon’s in the state hospital were sent to Kinnaur and the surgeon who was assigned for the job postponed the surgery unnecessarily.

I am not a doctor so didn’t know tbut the doctors know. about danger , urgency and consequences of the disease if surgical removal is not performed earlier.

I had told the doctors of Julie’s increasing vomitings and condition who was unable to eat any food which was deteriorating her health .

I had consulted the doctors from palampur and other vetnary doctors who told me to go for the surgery immediately and the symptoms of vomitings were due to the pymetra and a delay can cause havoc only surgery was the solution.

I had rushed to Solan and had made up my mind but again it was postponed I tried calling you so many times on whats app too,dropped messages too.
I lost Julie due to sheer unavailability of surgeon’s in Shimla and delay in surgery.
I cannot excuse my self the tge vetnary department for not understanding the conditions of the sick pets and the emergency in the situation of the pet.

Animal and Humans both have the same right to live and their life shouldn’t be taken so casually.
It’s a great loss for us and in 2and half months we have lost two dog’s due to the delay and casual approach of the doctors..
I cannot bear the loss of my pet babies and it’s really the flaw of the seniors administrators who are not working on these issues and guiding the doctors not to take animal sickness so lightly and casually.
Grieving Pet parents
Taruna Misra.

She couldn’t pass the urine…no emergency service actually and we went to solan for surgery I was sent back saying that ek do din baad karegai

She survived the severe स्ट्रेस of bloating which developed after we reached home from solan I had taken her for the surgery where she walked passed little stool but I was told that we will perform her surgery two days later when I told that it’s an emergency snd many vetnary doctors are suggesting me to go for immediate surgery they said they we will do tomorrow we have given her the injection for vomiting which is better I also came under their twisting statement though I told that every minute she is deteriorating sue to frequent vomitings and not being able to eat anything but it was ignored…and they were very casual didn’t even bother that I had travelled so ling and came with all the preparation…

The moment we reached Shimla she started vomiting and this time it was terrible…I tried my level best to survive her till 4.48 am with the hope of taking her for the surgery, the ignorance and lack of humanitarian concern, lack of understanding about the Rights of animal to live deprived her for the will be a life long guilt as a pet owner’s and parent…
It’s high time we understand the need of pet parents psychological and emotional connection with their pet’s..they are like human babies to the owners and their faithfulness and work and contribution in the various fields should be acknowledged and rewarded.
The health facilities and doctors attitude and approach needs a drastic change…they should understand the meaning of emergency.

बेजुबान दोस्त, साथी, सहायक,वफादार प्राणी वंचित रह जाते है अपने हकों के लिए

इनके अधिकारों के वारे में कोई तवज्ज्वहीँ फि जाती है। आज तक जानवरों को अनदेखी का सामना करना पड़ता है। जुली explosive detection dog जो कि Himachal pradesh Police department Police Dog squad की cocker Spaniel नस्ल की dog थी। अपनी services Police विभाग को बखूबी देती आई थी।

छोटी नस्ल के चार dogs Police Dog squad को Taruna Misra ने गिफ्ट किए थे ताकि अपनी सूंघने की क्षमता से Himachal pradesh Police विभाग व जनता की भलाई के कार्यो में यह योगदान दे सकें।
पहली बार हिमाचल प्रदेश में इस नस्ल के dog’s का इस्तेमाल Narcotics और explosives detection के लिए किया गया और training के दौरान ही इन्होंने medals 🏅 और prizes जीत कर Himachal pradesh Police department का नाम रोशन किया।

वीआईपी duties और वीवीआईपी duties में अपने handlers की देखरेख में ये अहम भूमिका निभाते है।
मेलों, वीआईपी visit हो या क्रिकेट मैच safety के लिए ये bombs और explosive detection कर clearance देते है। यह Narcotics detection में भी महत्तवपूर्ण योगदान देते हैं।
दुःखद ये कि जो respect वह honor इन्हें मिलना चाहिये यह उससे अब तक महरूम है।

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